Cuba . . .
"Its commanding position, its same and capacious harbor of the Havana, the nature of its productions and of its wants, give it an importance with which that of no other foreign territory can be compared."
John Quincy Adams
President of the United States
Why Cuba Today?
With the end of an era which might bring about changes in the economic and political models of Cuba, it is anticipated that with a future transition to a free market economy, considerable investment and commercial opportunities will develop for Cubans on the island. Experience in other emerging markets such as Asia & Vietnam demonstrated that those that acted early were able to share in the growth of the region by participa-ting in opportunities before the emerging markets became totally open.
Economic sectors such as infrastructure, housing, agriculture, tourism, consumer products, and human capital resources will offer opportunity for growth and develop-ment, but the opening of this possible economic bonanza also presents challenges and threats to the economies of Florida and the Caribbean.
Companies interested in participating in a new Cuba should be thinking about: market entry scenarios, the capitalization of state enterprises, funding strategies, property claims, and other emerging market entry issues.  Among the key economic sectors to be thinking about are large and mid-sized business opportunities, tourism, mining and construction materials, and infrastructure issues such as: ports, highways, railroad, electric power, and water & sewer.
Access To Professional Staff:
BGC is known as a business-driven watch group that informs/updates/advises multinationals throughout the world to understand the goings on in Cuba. Our company has substantial expertise in Cuba issues; we often provide independent feasibility analysis and other business consulting and research assignments to multinational corporations. Our company has under contract to two former ministers and over 40 experts on different industries/expertise related to Cuba. Contact us for a full brochure.
Customized Executive Briefings:
BGC conducts informal discussions/briefings on Cuba issues with client’s staff. The briefing sessions are general and informal business focused (not academic) presentations and discussions regarding current Cuba and US-Cuba subjects. The number and timing of the sessions is at the discretion of the client. Contact us for rates.
Business Reports:
BGC is experienced in preparing reports to help provide a preliminary strategic plan and overview of issues related to a possible economic opening of Cuba to allow the client to conduct business operations in the emerging (future) new market. This “Analysis for Strategic Direction” could be drafted as a “Quick-Response Business Plan” in the event that things suddenly change in Cuba and it becomes permissible to do business in the Island. Our first step is to conduct a confidential meeting to help develop a scope of work at no cost to the potential client; following the scope of work we would determine the cost of such assignment. Contact us for an appointment.