BGC, Inc.
Consulting Services
Service Offerings
BGC, Inc. provides the full range of international business services for companies and individual investors seeking to establish or expand business ventures in the Caribbean region. The company has unique capabilities to address anti-cipated new opportunities in Cuba.
Based in Miami, Florida, the international gateway to Latin America, the BGC, Inc. possesses the expertise and resources to open the door to these markets for investors, operating companies, exporters and importers. The company has the research capability to provide key data and industrial background related to markets, industry trends, infrastructure requirements, and the in-country regulatory, business and investment environment. Through our regional network, we can identify potential partners, agents, distributors and licensees, as required. The principals of the company have extensive financial, asset management, investment, strategic planning, training and operational experience in the international arena.
Specialized Consulting Services
BGC, Inc. (BGC) engages a limited number of clients that require customized consulting services in our premier areas of specialization. BGC will spend considerable time and effort in understanding the operations, goals, and objectives of the client as they seek consulting, and strategic advice on Cuba related issues.
Access to Professional Staff
BGC is known as a business-driven watch group that provides strategic intelligence and economic development services to their clients throughout the world to help them understand the goings on in Cuba, with the objective of positioning the client for their best benefit. The company has substantial expertise in Cuba issues, and often provides independent feasibility analysis and other business consulting and research assignments to multinational corporations. The company has under contract to two former ministers and over 40 experts in different industries/expertise related to Cuba.—Contact us for a full brochure.
Customized Executive Briefings
BGC conducts informal discussions/briefings on Cuba issues with client’s staff. The briefing sessions are general and informal business focused (not academic) presentations and discussions regarding current Cuba and US-Cuba subjects. The number and timing of the sessions is at the discretion of the client.—Contact us for rates.
Business Reports
BGC is experienced in preparing reports to help provide a preliminary strategic plan and overview of issues related to a possible economic opening of Cuba. These reports will help clients conduct business operations in the emerging (future) new market. BGC can act quickly to conduct analysis for strategic direction to help the client finalize a business plan in the event that things suddenly change in Cuba and it becomes permissible to do business in the Island. The first step is to conduct a confidential meeting to help develop a scope of work at no cost to the potential client; following the scope of work BGC would determine the cost of such assignment.—Contact us for an appointment.
Ongoing Consulting Services
BGC can be engaged to provide 24-7consulting services, including: quarterly executive briefings, mini-business reports, newsletters, industry confidential information, updates and consultation with members of your staff. Clients in this category of service are protected with a “non-compete” agreement whereby BGC agrees to work exclusively with the client within an industry. The fee for this service is a mon-thly retainer for the duration of the engagement.—Contact us for an appointment.
Cuba Change News Alert
BGC provides periodic newsletters to our clients and friends. Every one of our Cuba Change News Alerts include the latest and most important business news on Cuba, as well as our evaluation of the events and the significance that they may have to the international business community.
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